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Web Development

We've worked with Drupal since Drupal 4. Remember when there weren't content types? Yeah, we do. We are steeped in Drupal but love to dive into Backdrop, Wordpress, Laravel, and Rails. Learn more about what we can do for your site.

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Two toy robots who appear to be in love.

Bots & Automation

Whether you want to use one of our bots to help automate a workflow or save money on performing menial tasks, we've got you covered. We will work with you to deliver a custom bot.
Bots, daemons, scrapers, crawlers, and spiders - oh my.

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Application Development

Need some heavy hitting? Want to crunch all that big data? We are Computer Scientists - the fabric of our souls is comprised of the Ones and Zeros. Learn more about how we can build for you.

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We are Full Stack. Like, for real.

No infrastructure? No problem. We setup systems from shared hosting for mom-and-pops to architecting enterprise grade solutions for private and public sector clients and build the apps that live atop them.

We can get you setup on Rackspace, AWS, Heroku, Forge, or work with your NOC to help architect the right solution for your needs.

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We are Dev Ops. It's not just a buzzword.

We wrote the tools even before someone made like a billion dollars coining the phrase. We can work with your existing solution whether it's Puppet, Chef, or what-have-you, help you implement a COTS solution or, soon, provide you with our Ops Management Platform, Vesta.

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We build bots. All hail our steely overlords.

Need a crawler, a scraper, a spider, or a bot to pull data or integrate with a COTS (or even private) product like Slack? Want to save some cash and automate those menial tasks or common bootstrapping scenarios? Give us a shout. We love all those creepy crawlies and love to get our hands dirty in some Perl, Python, and especially Go.

Two toy robots who appear to be in love.