Andrea Jackson Headshot

Andrea Jackson

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea brings the human experience to the company. Her focus is on making the best possible experience for both the clients and developers. She began her career as an ICU nurse with a bachelor of science in nursing from the University of North Carolina at Greensboro. Over her 17 years as a nurse, she continued to grow into leadership and management roles.

Now in the technology world, Andrea brings that leadership and compassion to Red Sky Development. She incorporates collaboration and multidisciplinary approach to reaching solutions with clients. Her excellent bedside manner with patients and families translates to a remarkable experience for our clients.

Phu Nguyen Headshot

Phu Nguyen

Chief Information Officer

Phu expertly researches, adopts, and adapts to a wide range of technological platforms and frameworks. As a Computer Science graduate from Penn State, he has the deep knowledge of building things from the ground up. He loves diving in the pit of development fire and learning to build everything from scratch. He is a competitive developer and loves to compete with others in coding challenges and brings a higher level of synergy and quality to the team.

As the CIO, he brings in many different solutions and perspectives due to the amount of different technologies he has learned and tapped into. Phu loves to share knowledge with others and can be seen tutoring or giving talks at various conferences and meetings.

Steven Jackson Headshot

Steven Jackson

Chief Architect

Steven has been building software and websites professionally since 2001 starting with sites and security for his company in the U.S. Army while deployed then moving on to undergrad and grad school in GA both degrees in Computer Science. While a kid in the 90s, steven could be founding hacking around on Hypercard and Supercard, building games to support his school presentations.

In his Chief Architect role, Steven brings forth a passion for Computer Science and producing scalable architecture so that any software might grow with the company. He is a fervent Open Source developer and can be found giving talks, presentations, and making on-site training visits for clients.