We build the infrastructure and protect your applications.

Standing up servers and the application stacks is something we do every single day and have down to a science. With Red Sky Architecture Services you are up and running in no time with no overhead for server costs.

We deploy custom servers on Rackspace & AWS and can get you setup on Heroku, Forge, or other hosting providers and will maintain the application for you so you can focus on your business.

With every application we write and support, security is of utmost importance. Beyond providing OS Level and Web Security, we code audit everything at the top and ensure that all development is up to Red Sky standard - a Computer Science level of understanding you won't find at many web agencies.

Man checking server racks in a hallway.


Stand up custom servers on Rackspace & AWS

Get you started with Heroku, Forge, and other providers

Work with your NOC to understand your application's needs

Application Stack

Setup LAMP, NGINX Web Stacks

Create a DevOps Workflow

Caching & Speed using Redis, Memcached, and Varnish

Site & Database monitoring


Secure server authentication and access

Setup Site SSL

Monitor and automate activity to react to any negative activity