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Quickie: Strip ^M (Control-M) Characters from Input File with Perl

Command line removal of control characters

For anyone that does file I/O and has to sometimes work with Windows-generated files in Linux, I feel your pain. Windows has these little nuances that sometimes makes our GNU/Linux world a fun place to live. Luckily, PERL has a simple little system in place that allows us to remove control charac...

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Fix: Rails Nokogiri Error macOS Sierra

Solution: xcode-select --install; gem install nokogiri;

TLDR Solution: xcode-select --install; gem install nokogiri;I tried creating a new project in Rails 5 and got the following error after runningrails new my_projectAnd received the following error:ERROR: cannot discover where libxml2 is located on your system. please make sure `pkg-config` is inst...

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