When the MAGIC of a CMS Makes You Bang Your Head

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Tags: code, cms, drupal, frontend, views, smh

Man, I dig some Drupal and Wordpress. I like the ease of using a CMS for projects that need it and the automagical things that it can do. I mean, It's been my bread and butter for about 10 years now. Like, I grok this. But every time I have to do something on the front end I cringe and die a little inside.

I'm a Computer Scientist to my core so anything that isn't efficient burns at my ever-loving soul. Now, we could argue that being able to create a block display in views and output to a template in any region you want in just a few seconds is efficient and storage is cheap these days, connections fast - all that jazz and that that productivity trumps anything and I'd say, well, you're right (you're not). This is the legacy that D7 and below leaves us. Now, I know there are more efficient ways of templating and, frankly, the shop that built this site before I came in to fix it bought and off-the-shelf theme (no contrib theme or subthemeing - another SMH moment) and then RENAMED the theme as if they made it themselves.

I've seen the git logs, guys, c'mon.

Thank god for D8. 

Bring out the twig. Remove all the things! Viva la Slim interface!